Jan 15th

What a relaxing day away from the restaurant but I still found a way to be productive.

I finally took on my “retro game console tote”

Sorting out the cords, adapters, controllers for all the old game consoles I’ve hoarded over the years putting the hunks of plastic in their own bag with all their parts for sale later

Original NES

2 super Nintendo

2 N64

Sega Genesis



I also hit the gym at 5am because I couldn’t sleep.  Feeling accomplished

Jan 13th

Really beat today.   Worse than yesterday.  One more day then a day off.

Already confirmed one resolution for next month. Take a day off.   One day completely off from all work activities per week.

Other resolutions will include Eat a salad and remember birthdays.    13 days in and I feel like this group of resolutions like second nature.    I can’t remember the last time I lost my temper.

Hit the gym tonight after taking a walk with Liam and Patti so it’s been a long day but I’m surprised about how well I was able to physically perform through my 30 minute cardio workout.  20 minutes in and I was pushing myself harder and harder.   My real goal is just to be physically fit again.  Not overly worried about poundage.   But the last few years it hasn’t felt good struggling through the Tough Mudder and Boilermakers.

Best part of the day …I was in the locked bathroom and Liam comes up and tries to open it and he says…”it locked…Need a key” he is starting to say so much I love it.

Jan 12th

I tinkering with the idea of sharing my blog on my Facebook and with the rest of the world, but my fear is what people will think about it and me. “You’re resolutions reveal more about you than you think” The Happiness Project.   Oh well it’s just a thought at this point.

It was 50 degrees this morning which is unthinkable for upstate NY this time of year so got up early and took a 30 minute walk before work.   It was so relaxing.

I’m feeling a little worn down.  While I achieved my resolutions my day did not go a smooth as I would have liked it.   I had a few calls ins today so we all had to scramble to get their work done.   I have a very good staff but I hope that this year I will have a lot less reliable people.

I’m relaxing a little early today.  I can feel the stress melt away as I put my feet up, as the little one settles in to watch his cartoons before bed.  Me…I’m watching Boondocks Saints.   What an amazing movie.

Forgot to include my son’s artwork that I had to paint over


Jan 11th 

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present. Jim Rohn

Happy hump day.   I gotta tell you…I feel like I am on a roll.  I haven’t felt this on top of my work in months.   I’ve had big projects and big catering orders that would usually stress me out.   But because I’m sitting down, planning each day, and the executing as well as delegating I am just getting it done.

Following the one minute rule has done wonders for my procrastination.   I’m also practicing doing my least favorite tasks right away.

“Eat a live frog first thing every morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” Mark Twain

I finally got the doors painted from when Liam drew on them with sharpie.  It only took 5 coats.  

Jan 10th – Friends

This excerpt says it all about me.  My inability to small talk has mad it very difficult for me to make large quantities of friends in my life.   And that’s OK.
Growing up I always had only a couple close friends at a time.   It wasn’t until high school where I because part of a large core group of friends.  But in my adult years it’s was back to the old format.   One or two close friends in addition to my significant other.

I guess friendship or lack thereof is one of the reasons I found myself so unhappy.

My two most close adult friends have both moved on and gotten married.  While I talk to and see them occasionally we are far from well-connected.  Becoming the GM of restaurant put me in contact with a lot of interesting people but sadly…I’m the boss so becoming friends with them is out of the question.

Which leaves me with my wife.  While we have a close connection we have been drifting apart.  Her new job is left us with close to zero face time and the little time we do have is spent catching up on parenting issues, house issues, and anything but romance.

Among the things I want to accomplish this year… Make a friend and or reconnect with Patti.

On a positive note.

Perfect day once again.  I listed more and more items to be sold as I feel my junk get smaller and smaller

Jan. 9th – Work week Hustle

Monday is such a long day, up at 3am to head to the restaurant to do the weekly inventory by 3pm I’m ready to collapse into bed.

But today there is a considerable difference.   I feel.energized and motivated to make a difference at work and in my personal life.   It’s 830PM and I’m just now winding down.

I ploughed through a great deal of work while working on my resolutions.   I did not get to the gym today only because I was intimidated by the huge crowds that would be there at 5PM when I could get there.   I like going when it’s a ghost town.

I think my most effective resolution is the one minute rule.  When ever I feel like I have too much small projects  to do I just so the first thing that comes to mind.  Then the next.   Soon I have cleared all my little tasks and I have time to tackle bigger and better things.