8 Scientifically Proven Ways to Increase Your Happiness


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April Recap Part 1

Prayer III

Lord, I am not perfect by a long shot.

I confess to you that. 

But I work hard everyday 

And I hope that you hear me. 

In my heart I mean well

But it you’ll help me to grow

Then what I have in my heart

Will begin to show

What a difference a month makes.   Seasons change and at the end of March I was not feeling very good about things.  Even thought about giving up the whole project, but I stuck with it. “If I quit however…It will last forever”.

In April, I was able to get outside more as well as reach to more people in my life.

Let’s see how I did on my resolutions.


Pick up the phone

I’m horrible at picking up a ringing cell phone, returning text messages, and answering emails.  I’ve spent so many recent years turned in on my self.  Detaching from everything  and focusing on my work and kids, that I nearly completely shut out the rest of the world.  In the end that didn’t make me very happy.  One of the main reasons for the project.

I set out this month to pick up the phone when a familiar name pops up, reach out to my friends and family on a more regular basis, returning requests for my attention by the end of the day.

It wasn’t easy nor did I do it perfectly but as my wife put it , “you’re more connected to the world”.



Don’t expect Praise or Appreciation

As a spouse, it is natural to over value your contribution.   I’ve learned that it’s not productive to fish for compliments for any and all chores  or projects completed.   “,Just do them.”  And be happy knowing that you did your part within the household.  Praise feels so much better when its natural.


Things go the same for work.  I listed “recognition” as one of values that I desire the most. Like Gretchen, I love my “gold stars”.   I tend to get put out when they aren’t shutting my name from the rooftops.  I did my best to just focus on putting 120% effort at work whether or not I got praise from my higher ups.  In the end…I received a rare hand written card from the CEO,. Thank myself and my team for all the great results​ we have been getting.  

Good things come to those who wait I guess.



Work on your Core

I’ve never regularly worked on my mid section in my life.   I’ve ran.  I’ve lifted weights for my upper body but I’ve never done a plank in my life.  

Started at zero and got up to holding one plank for 2 min 30 seconds.  I had plans to shoot for 5 mins but I found it’s better to focus on doing one minute planks well while remaining still the entire time.   Those newbees know what I’m talking about.  You start shaking and rattling if your not fit.  I will tell you my recurring back problem have almost disappeared.  

NYS Chinese Lantern Festival – “Springtime Lights on the Lake”

I was kicking myself for the first hour (6 to 7) as I was about two of maybe six patrons that these “carnies” scammed $15 out of.   Not counting the bored to death food vendors that were lounging in the picnic tables.   

I proceeded to lap their half mile track at Least 8 times with ease.   Eventually, the lanterns began to come to life as the sun went down.  At that point it became almost majestic.   Think of it as “lights on the lake” in warm weather. 

I would recommend going near the end as it’s a complete waste of time in the sun light.  

Check out the website for info and pricing here

Punch a kid…Get a sundae

Another day in the life

It’s 1030AM.  My kitchen crew is hustling to get set up and the days “priorities” finished.   My opening server and bartender filling ice and cutting fruit for garnish.  

 I’m in the office finishing up some emails and instructions for the night manager​ when my prep cook opens the door sheepishly.   She’s got her youngest of 4 boy’s principal on the phone demanding that she come pick him up.  

She’s nervous as I often blow up at this all too often occurrence.   She is a single mom trying to manage 4 boys of various ages.     I think I’ve met them all.  They are just growing boys….I remember how I was when my dad wasn’t around to lay down the law.   I do get iritated by it though due to the massive disruption her leaving does to the flow of the restaurant.  

I take a deep breath and say “just go get him and bring him back here.”.  Letting the prep cook off the hook but the little man…He and I are gonna have a few words.   I’ve calmly explained to him before how he needs to behave at school because it causes his mommy and I a lot of stress and makes her “sad”.  

Upon returning and hour later with her dismissed son in tow.  She tells me that he punched another boy in class.   She sits him down at an empty table.   He looks upset as I take a seat across from him.   

“So I heard you punched a kid at school today”. I say sternly trying to sound tough.

“Yea..” he murmurs quietly trying to keep the tears back


“Because he was saying mean stuff about mommy and it made me upset.  I love her”

My heart grows a few sizes as I soften.  He can’t be more than 7 years old but   No one especially a young kid should have to hear disparaging remarks made about their family.  

“I’m proud of you for sticking up for your Mom.  But next time, get a teacher.  When you’re older…Take it outside.   Don’t do that stuff at school.  You’re a good kid”. He nods in agreement.  

I immediately get up and make him and ice cream sundae.  I even give him a little smile as I set it down.  

My Liam and Me

I really growing to enjoy my afternoons with my boys, in particular little Liam, who I spend every day with.    Not that I love my other son’s any less, both of whom are unique and very special to me and many different ways.  But Liam is the one that reminds me so much of myself.  Besides the obvious physical resemblance, he is endlessly curious and has an energizer bunny like endurance.

Today’s  travels took us to  Skaneateles, a gorgeous little town by a long lake.  Skaneateles actually means “long lake” in the Iroquois Indian language.  (Thank you Wikipedia).   This is one of the places that I  discovered  in my first summer in Syracuse, you can read about it here : Address: East Bound Rt. 90 Service Station .

We spent a couple hours walking around the town square, sharing a slice at Valentine’s Pizza  and then walking the Charlie Major Nature Trail.    He was so good, either holding my hand and riding on my shoulders since the close proximity to rushing water made me nervous.  I had to let him play on the slides.

You have been reading, our explorations are simply “walking tours”.  We simply don’t have the time or means to wine and dine all day.  Just a quick zip through to see what we can find.  Like so many places, I would love to just spend a whole day I leisure visiting all the sites, spas, and shops.  But this too is very fun for me

Monday Morning Attitude and the Parkway

It’s hard to measure “happiness improvement” on a day to day basis.   It’s not something that is tangible.   I spend all day with myself.  But I think I found one notable improvement.  My mood on Monday Morning.  

Let me explain.  Like I have mentioned before,   I have to wake up at 3am every Monday and head off to work to count and weigh all the food and beverage in the restaurant.  Measure all the liquor in the bottles and lift every tapped keg of beer.  I then have to imput all the numbers and compare them with the sales rung in on the POS and look for mistakes.   

By then it’s 6AM and it’s time to put a way the Food Order which has been stacked in either the freezer, walk in cooler, or back room over night.   After that it’s on to my regular opening responsibilities while catching up a delagating tasks after a busy weekend.   

By the time my guests and most employees arrive at 11am, I’m usually a ravng lunatic.  Short tempered and anti social is an understatement.  I’m just counting the seconds before I can get home and lounge the evening away.  

But I’ve noticed that in recent weeks that has all disappeared.   After taking a day off, I am ready to take on the week with a new found spirit and energy.  In addition to drinking all my water, I have downed an entire pot of offer.   I do my best to be cheerful and helpful to all my employees who are also tired from a very long weekend.  It’s now 730pm and I am getting ready for a run. 

Since I left work at 3Pm.  I have taken Liam to the Doctor, worked outside on the yard, did all my household tasks, and we took the kid to the lake for a stroll.   He’s so cute in this little voice “come back her futtterfry”.  #ThankGodItsMonday

Syracuse University Carrier Dome in the distance

That’s  Liam in the distance

Thought this Chevy was beautiful.