Obscurus CNY : I Love New York Information Kiosk

Obscurus CNY : I Love New York Information Kiosk.

So, maybe I am in the only one that this sounds exciting to and yes it’s located in everyone’s least favorable place, but did you know that they just opened up a huge I Love New York Information Kiosk in Destiny USA?

Since I am always looking for new and exciting things to see and do this place made me feel kid in a candy store.

This little piece or real-estate on the second floor in between Michael’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods has…

  1.  Interactive I LOVE NY App
  2.  Virtual Reality CNY
  3.  Information Kiosk on all CNY hotspots
  4. CNY quizzes
  5. CNY exclusive merchandise
  6. And CNY memorabilia




How To Win and Lose At Christmas : Gifts For People With ADHD

“You’re so hard to shop for!!!” If I had a $ for every I heard this.

It’s true that shopping for people with ADHD can be viewed as an act of futility.  There are ways to wins.

With Christmas rapidly approaching here are a couple links to help those shopping for loved ones with ADHD.

How To Ruin Christmas : Bad Presents for ADHDers

How To Win At Christmas

Obscurus CNY : Funk n’ Waffles

Obscurus CNY : Funk n’ Waffles


Ok…I know its not exactly obscure since it’s wildly popular and has been featured on the Food Network, but this is my first time and it’s because of it’s authenticity and vibe that it has become so popular.

This downtown spot serves up fresh, made to order waffles that come in all kinds of crazy varieties.  I was tempted by the fluffy buttermilk waffles that were covered with Dinosaur BBQ pulled pork but instead opted for the famous cage free chicken tenders and waffles.

My wife, being gluten free, tried the buckwheat waffles with strawberries and bananas.  It looked horrifying but actually was pretty good.

There is more to this places than just the waffles.  It also has sandwiches, espresso bar, salads, and at night serves up local craft beer and live music.

Check out their Rochester Location if you are heading west.

Taming the Beast : The Power Of Routine

With Liam there is never a dull moment.  Just like all my boys, Liam has the power to bring me the most joy.  He also has the power to make my red hair fall out.

Like most high functioning autistic children, coping and managing their idiosyncrasies usually revolves around routine.

When you move out of routine things can go haywire real quick and results in tantrums, fear, withdrawal, or major misbehavior and  of course..major anxiety of the parents.

Within the first 5 seconds when I ge home in afternoon I am greeted with the same routine everyday.

First “fly”, where I hoist his near 50 lb body into the air and catch him.

Then ” roll it.”, which is more like ring around the rosy.

The “swing” , when I hold his arms and swing him between my  legs.

The more… ” leg” where he clings to my leg and sits on my foot while I walk around.

Then Finally “wrestle” where I give him a few body slams on the bed. Don’t worry…I have been trained :).

That is what we do.  And if I try to deviate then I am in for a long evening.

So it’s best to stick to a routine.  I learned he has his own routine at school that he follows everyday and if you watched him do it, you wouldn’t even know he was autistic.   Which is the main objective of these programs; to prepare them for standard education.

  1.  Hangs up Jacket.
  2.  Checks his mail
  3. Washes his hands
  4. Dries his hands
  5. Then finds his name and drags it to the “here” column.


Obscurus CNY(not really): Professor Java’s Coffee Laboratory

How could I not cover a place called Professor Java’s Coffee Laboratory?

Located off of Wolfe Road in Albany this place has Obscure written all over it.

Aside for the amazing coffee,  the warm and inviting atmosphere urges me to find a place like this near my house.

This ain’t no Freedom of Espresso.

I walk into the men’s room and I’m met by a deer head…and it has a name.  Pete…

And Pete is said to grant good luck to anyone that kissing him on the mouth… people do it.  There is photographic proof.

If you are in the area visiting the Desmond or Hotel Indigo this place is a must visit.



Albany Is Pawsome

So, I’m walking around Downtown Albany yesterday morning and I keep coming across these dog statues all along the sidewalks.  Each with its own theme and is meticulously painted.

First one I saw I thought it was just random then I saw another , and then maybe half dozen more then I had to figure you what’s the deal with these statues.

Come to find

out that there are 20 of these three foot statues and they are the brain child of the Outdoor Placemaking Program who got together 20 different regional artists to design and place these sculptures around the city.  The exhibit is called, Downtown is Pawsome.

Here’s a little bit more on the Outdoor Placemaking Program.   The puppies will be available to view through May of 2018.

“In 2005, the outdoor Placemaking program (formerly “Sculpture in the Streets”) was established to connect Downtown employees, residents and visitors with the places they share by reinventing public spaces with various art forms. From regional creators to world renowned artists like Seward Johnson and George Rickey, the exhibits have attracted thousands annually. Similar past projects included the installation of customized pianos as part of Luke Jerram’s internationally touring Play Me, I’m Yours series in 2014 and giant Dutch clogs celebrating Albany’s history in 2012, all enhanced by the Capital Region’s local art community. The addition of the 10 more sculptures—an expansion of this year’s Placemaking exhibit—was made possible in part by the Amplify Albany Grant Program, a program supported by the City of Albany Capital Resource Corporation and Capitalize Albany Corporation.”

A Different Side : Early Morning Downtown Albany

If busy downtown environments intimidate you or give you, I would encourage you to visit one in the early morning hours.

There is something so calming about the stillness and near silence of place that in just a few short hours will be clogged with commotion.

I had that opportunity this morning in Downtown Albany.

Reminded me of an early morning visit to Mid Town Manhattan quite a few years ago.

Can you imagine Time Square nearly empty?  I would never have thought it could happen with how much of a cluster fuck it is all day and all night.  But strolling down 7th Avenue around 545 AM into that historic patch of real estate , I found next to nobody.  It was like something out I AM Legend.    I felt like I could appreciate it more.

SUNY Albany
Historic EGG


State Education Building