Mother’s Cupboard : James Street, Syracuse

How I have lived in Syracuse for 7 years and not been to this little hole in the wall is beyond me.  IMG_20171018_090330809

Home of the “Whole Frittata” this place was cozy with delicious food.

I ordered the whole Frittata with cheese at $12.  How big could it be?

Holy Hell….

Now only was it the biggest portion of food I have ever seen but it was mouth wateringly good.

Featured on Man vs. Food. Check it out here.



One Day NYC Bus Trip

I love NYC.  I hate driving there, I hate driving in a city where you have no clue where to go and no one has patience for you to figure it out.  

Then I remembered that I used to go on bus tours  to New York with my high school and baseball team.  

So I booked Patti and I on a one day trip to NYC.  They would drop us off at Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan then pick us up 8 hours later.  

No traffic, no driving, no tolls.  Perfect.  

Dragged her out of bed at 430 AM.  Not amused by me. 

Earlier in the year when we visited the city, we hung out in Midtown and Brooklyn.  Today we would be roaming Lower Manhattan.  

In classic style…we will be walking.  I already forked over my Metro Card to a stranger on the bus who forgot hers.   

Chrysler and Empire State Building in the distance

Had to be the biggest post office I’ve ever seen.

Alcoholic Ice Cream!!!

Ok…we don’t have an ice cream problem but the Ube Ice Cream at Soft Sweeve is amazing.  Ube is purple yams. 

South Street Seaport.

Bee Farming in Battery Park

Lady Liberty in the distance.

Fearless Girl standing tall in front of the Wall Street Bull.

Donald Trump makes an appearance. 

Wander Close To Home

With a day off and a clear head,. I had the time and energy to check out a few new places in between getting things done at home.

First up Karl’s Kountry Kitchen

Cute place with friendly service.  Nothing special in terms of food.  Just reminds me that I need to try Mothers Cupboard at some point.

At the City Market every Sunday, there is a vendor selling all sorts of junk for dirt cheap.  The owner mentions that she had a store on James Street. “Hooches”…well I like bargain shopping so I decided to take a look.

Been spending all our lives… living in a hoarder’s Paradise…in deed.

Did grab this little guy for a quarter.

Right next store is Sacred Melody Gift Shop and Cafe Kubal.

Next been to Cafe Kubal despite their popularity.  Grabbed an iced mocha which was delicious.

Sacred Melody had a lot of thoughful gives but everything had “God” or “Blessed” on it.  I mean I shouldn’t be surprised.

Even the Syracuse Mugs tolded me to have a “blessed” day.

Finish the day with a nice stroll through Abbott Farms Apple Orchard and pumpkin patch out in B’Ville.

What a good day.

Genesee Street, South Utica

Had a little time this morning before moving Grandma’s stuff.  So I took a little stroll down the upper part of Genesee Street in Utica.  

Even though I lived in the area for a good part of my life, I never took the time to appreciate the beautiful housing and structures.  

Stopped by the Bagel Grove to grab a bagel toasted with bacon and horseradish cream cheese… that was different.

It’s A Wonderful Night : Seneca Falls

“Senecaa Falls is believed by some to have been the inspiration for the fictional town of “Bedford Falls”, portrayed in filmmaker Frank Capra’s classic 1946 film It’s a Wonderful life.

Summer in September continues on a warm Monday night.   We had to Seneca Falls just on the outskirts of Cayuga Lake.  

Found two Kindness stones along the way.   And a little frog friend for Liam