Obscurus CNY Blog Is Now Live

One of the keys to the Happiness Project was to figure you what makes you happy and what doesn’t.

One thing is for sure.  Exploring, even if it’s exploring my own backyard, makes me happy.

The blog posts that usually got the most views were the ones that involved my search for the lesser known attractions that brought character to the community.

I also learned this year that in order for a blog to be successful, you need to nail down an audience.  As happy as I was with the following my first blog created, I know that the subject matter was all over the place.  Sort of like my life.

So now it’s time to break it up and I will start with the Obscurus CNY blog.

I will back out there after the new year.  Get on the email list by going here.    here.    here.    

Now you can follow only my travel adventures without trudging through everything else.

It also gives me the added advantage to write a whim instead of the pressure of writing everyday.

Thank you for reading so far.


twHappy Travels.


Obscurus CNY : Gingerbread Shoppe at Turning Stone Casino

Good evening all,

Just getting back from a long day of Christmas Eve Festivities.  Got lots to talk about but it’s way past my bed time and I don’t want Santa to pass over my house.

So I leave with you pics of my second Christmas Tradition:  The Gingerbread Shoppe at the Turning Stone Casino and Resort

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Obscurus CNY : All Who Wander (Beer Pub)

Obscurus CNY : All Who Wander (Beer Pub)

Looking for a hip brew pub serving only super crafty hard to find beer?   Primarily from New York State?

All Who Wander in Manlius, NY is just the place for you.

In my line of work, I spend a lot of time learning about craft beers, as its popularity has spiked in the last decade, but I haven’t heard of any of these beers.  That’s how rare, hard to find, and coveted by craft beer consumers.   You won’t find the Coors, Bud, or Miller in this joint.

It’s winter so the dark stouts and IPAs are in season, not really my taste but the There and Back Again – American Wild Ale was amazing even though it was bitter.

I got there right at 3pm when they were opening and there was a line waiting to get in

The atmosphere is so cozy and it had people of all ages hanging out and talking to each other.

They also have pub eats, liquor drinks, and wine…in cans.

Check it out…I know I will be going back.


The Mission Restaurant

Downtown this evening for a night of theater, but I finally got to stop at one of downtown’s most historic sites.

The Mission is a vibrant Mexican & Latin eatery housed in a historic former church & Underground Railroad stop.

The service was friendly, the food was delicious, the tap list comprised of most local craft beers, and the atmosphere was cozy.

“The Mission Restaurant evokes a magical, airy twilight somewhere in Latin America, but buried deep in the basement of the building is a cramped tunnel inscribed with a historic, Central New York magic of its own. This building, built in the 1840’s and formerly the Syracuse Wesleyan Methodist Church, was also an important 19th century way-station on the Underground Railroad.  The Church members of that time were active in abolitionist activities, publishing, and support for women’s rights.  Archaeological research indicates that the tunnel, with its furnace, long shelf for sitting and resting, and slight “jog” to prevent detection, was a refuge for fugitive slaves at a time when Syracuse represented the brink of freedom.  The clay and dirt wall of this tunnel bore the human touch of those who had passed through this haven: several unique and striking faces, now preserved at the Onondaga Historical Association, were sculpted into the wall by different individuals over the course of several years.  Now this bit of subterranean Syracuse history lingers on as a part of the majic of the Mission Restaurant.”  ~Dolores Byrnes



Mid-town Manhattan in Decembmer

One of the longest running items on my bucket list was to see NYC, specifically Mid-Town Manhattan during the Christmas Season.  I have never been despite all my visits to the Big Apple in recent years.

Everyone always talks about all the sights, sounds, and excitement and I will say that all the hype did not disappoint.

Patti, Liam, and I drove right into Manhattan Tuesday afternoon, parked the car, and before long we were engulfed in all the big city, winter wonderland atmosphere.

6 hours and I think we hit all the big spots.

  • I ate Kimshi in Bryant Park while we checked out their Christmas shops and skating rink.
  • Checked out the window displays on 5th Avenue.
  • Giant Snow Flake by Central Park
  • The Plaza hotel from Home Alone 2
  • The Giant Christmas Ornaments across from Radio City Music Hall
  • The Love Sign
  • Times Square
  • And of course Rockefeller Center and Ice Rink


Just the right amount of New York my wife told me.

Liam did great sitting for all that time.  Got a little restless need the end.  But all in all it was a great memory to have.

New Years Eve in Time Square next year. IMG_20171211_161105396IMG_20171211_141355255_BURST000_COVER_TOPIMG_20171211_141342350IMG_20171211_153749431IMG_20171211_150509292IMG_20171211_154012717IMG_20171211_153801473IMG_20171211_165613580IMG_20171211_151632039IMG_20171211_162138317IMG_20171211_165603561IMG_20171211_172430404IMG_20171211_144122710_BURST000_COVER_TOP2017121195172031






Obscurus CNY : Infinite Pop

Obscurus CNY : Infinite Pop.

Infinite POP – A year long Syracuse Pop-up shop that will showcase locally made art, apparel, products while creating a unique environment that will engage the community as well as generate a feeling of relevance and interactivity in rotating monthly spaces.

Programming throughout the run will be heavily centered around what Syracuse has to offer in the arts & cultural scenes.

The First FRINGE POP-UP SHOP will be located at 410 S.Warren St. at the Back end of the Dey’s Building for the Month of December. Open 10am – 7pm each day + special events

Obscurus CNY : Glazed And Confused Donuts


Syracuse, N.Y. – The entire Valenti family is ready to make the donuts.

Their donut shopGlazed & Confused, will open 7 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 16 at 211 N. Clinton St. The space was most recently home to Darwin on Clinton, the sandwich shop that moved a few blocks to the Chase Bank building.

The Valentis are the creators of the Dizzy Pig – a donut dipped in maple glaze, sprinkled with cured bacon and drizzled with a bourbon-sugar mix. It’s been one of the most popular $1 items at Taste of Syracuse for the past two years.

Izabella Valenti, who is 15, and who also goes by Izzy and Bella, worked the cash register at the 2017 Taste of Syracuse. She says “everyone was asking” for the location of the Glazed and Confused store. She had to tell them: “We don’t have a storefront. But maybe it’s a good idea.”

They’re also making “doninis,” savory sandwiches built on a cake donut. Toppings include a fried egg, bacon and cheese. The sandwich is pressed and served hot, like a panini.

More classic donuts, like ones with cinnamon sugar or sprinkles, are available, too, as are vegan and gluten-free options. Boxes of a dozen range from $11 to $19. Drinks include Recess Coffee, milk and iced tea.