Finger Lake Circuit : Otisco Lake

Time to take a mini-adventure south of the city to the first of the Finger Lakes that I am going to visit this summer; Otisco Lake

If you aren’t from the New York, the Finger Lakes are a series of long, thin lakes ,that on a map, look like the fingers of a hand.    The area is known for its vineyards and scenic beauty.  

I have actually never been to this lake so it was exciting to head somewhere new.  

It’s a spectacularly calm and relaxing place.  The picture here is of the “causeway”. Where you can fish and swim, if you don’t get caught.  ūüėā. 

Liam was pooped from the ride so I just let him sleep in my arms while I took it all in.  I had forgotten how wonderful and majestic these places can be.  

 He woke up eventually

Not much here in terms of hiking.  Baltimore Woods is nearby, hope to check that out another day. 

Such a isolated little lake.  And that’s a good thing.  I counted one pizza place, one gas station/ convenience store, one Restaurant.  Everything else was lake houses and farms.  Some old and abandoned.  Reminded me of Jeepers Creepers or Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  

Road Trip to Delaware


Tied up as many loose ends as I could this morning, then packed Patti, Maddex and Liam in the car and pointed the car south for Delaware.  Reheboth Beach to be more specific.

Why Delaware? ¬†1. ¬†It’s on the way to our final destination in Virginia. ¬†2. It’s awesome. 3. ¬†I have fond memories of this area. (always a catch isn’t there?)

It was the last vacation I ever took with my immediate family.   It was the summer of 06 and I was in a very isolated point in my life.  I had just withdrew from College and lost my finance in the same day that past February.

I entered a state of seclusion where I hid from the outside world.  Only emerging  work in restaurants, which was about 80 hours a week.  I had a couple of close friends that refused to let me become a total hermit.

However, my mom besieged me to take a week off to drive her, my grandmother, and younger brother down to see my Aunt in Delaware.

The trip was very therapeutic. ¬†I spent the week thinking about how there was so much more out there. ¬†That I was barely living a “half life”. ¬†When I returned I enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program and began piecing my life together.

Surviving¬†the car ride is¬†the hard part. ¬†Getting down route 81 and then horrifying ¬†476 when you get to Philadelphia and traffic turns into a slow crawl for a good hour. ¬†You’re in the homestretch once your cross into Delaware’s RT 1S.

We made it to our destination about 430PM.  Let the vacation begin.




I know I’m Lame…but I miss Quiznos.¬†

NYC Day 2


Last article about NYC, I promise.

Day 2 started with a short ferry ride from Port Imperial in Jersey to 39th St. Manhattan. ¬† ¬†Quick stroll from 12th to 7th Avenue to catch the Subway to Brooklyn to try “the bagel that broke the internet” at the Bagel Store, yes that’s the name.

That’s a rainbow bagel with Funfetti Cream Cheese.


WTF?  CPR is available upon request?

Outside of a movie theater near Williams-burg bridge.  Notice the color changes to avoid copyright infringement.

Crossed into Manhattan and checked out the Jekyll and Hyde Club in the Village.    Full of creepy/funny animatronics as well as live entertainment.

Behold the smallest piece of private property in the city, ¬†“The Hess Triangle”

Quick nap on the lawn in Central Park

Guggenheim museum

Lexington Candy Shoppe

sitting on stones has never been so comfy

Anyone recognize this hotel entrance? ¬†Only 90s kids. ¬†It’s the Plaza Hotel from Home Alone 2

Ran out of time so we did some shopping in Rockefeller Center and Time’s Square

St. Patrick’s Cathedral



Farewell my friend.  Until next year.

New York City Bound

“‚ÄčI love New York, even though it isn‚Äôt mine, the way something has to be, a tree or a street or a house, something, anyway, that belongs to me because I belong to it. “. Truman Capote.  

I know this year I resolved to Go off the path, but this is one trip I make every year.  I’m addicted.   I Always wanted to live in a big city.  I enjoy the hustle and bustle.  Always having somewhere to go. 

This year I will compromise by seeking out some of the more obscure spots in the city 

Pictures and adventures to follow