Late Night / Early Morning Chicago

One favorable difference between New York City and Chicago is that you can actually see the buildings and skylines while actually inside the city of Chicago.

New York City has some beautiful skylines but you can’t really see them unless you are on the water or standing in Jersey.

After all the festivities on Friday, I did break away for a late night and early morning stroll down by Chicago’s Riverwalk and State Street.  IMG_20171118_003314847IMG_20171118_071014458IMG_20171118_070538826

Anyone recognize this fountain?  I wouldn’t have but one of my employees told me that this is the fountain in the intro to “Married with Children”…and it is. 



Millennium Park

Oh Chicago….we never have enough time.  24 hours filled with meetings, receptions, uber rides, and security check points did not leave much time to fulfill my life purpose of exploring.    But I did find little breaks in the day to get out an see some sights in Downtown Chicago.

One of the most popular  and my personal favorite is Millennium Park, home of the famous Cloud Gate Sculpture,  more lovingly referred to as “The Bean”. IMG_20171117_105612683

I was also there at the precise moment that the McCormick Tribune Ice Rink opened up for the season.


The park is great sites and everything is free.  The Crown Fountain, Wrigley Square Monument, Jay Pritzker Paviolion and the Great Lawn.


Air travel

One day, when the kids are all grown up and of on their own (hopefully) I hope to have a job or the financial security to travel frequently.  

I love to fly.  I love airports.  Probably for the same reason that I love big cities.  Always somewhere to go and something to see. 

Today I’m off to Chicago for a meeting.  Then I fly back in the morning.  Still hope to get to see the sites.  

Walking Tour: Geneva

One of the best routes to drive in upstate NY is Rt. 20.  It runs from Buffalo to Albany and at certain points is intertwined with Rt. 5.  

So many interesting stops that I hope to cover at a later point.  On this day,  my car pointed west and on ended up in the lovely, Geneva.  

Located on the shore of Seneca Lake.  Check that Finger Lake off the list. 

Walking Tour of Downtown Albany, NY

I know that I’m supposed to be balancing out my travel but it was actually business that brought me to the state capital on Tuesday morning.  

This was actually a first for me.  I have been to the suburbs or Albany many times but never the downtown area.  With 90 minutes to kill before my meeting, I was like a kid in a candy store.  Total stimulation.  

I know there is much more to see but here are a few pics.  

After my stroll it was back to the Albany Pump Station for my meeting.  The pump station is a forth generation brewery and Restaurant built inside an abandoned water pumping station by the Hudson River. 

Americana Village : Hamilton, NY

I’m going to take you back to the late 1800s.  Where there was one blacksmith, one school, one general store, and one school house.  

Tucked down a side street in the little town of Hamilton is a restored 19th century village.  

The property is owned by a nearby conference center and is often the site of many wedding photos.  

You can read a recent article on this hidden gem right here

June Recap

June is winding down as we reach the half way point to the Happiness Project.

I want to do a mid year review, probably tomorrow, but first let’s take a look at June’s successes and opportunities.

Take a Real Vacation

My trip along the east coast was well documented earlier in the month.  Making stops in Rehoboth Beach. Ocean City, Virginia Beach, and finally Richmond Virginia for the Tough Mudder.

It was a great time despite the shitty weather for the first half of the trip.

My favorite parts where taking Liam in the ocean for the first time and my morning runs along the boardwalk.

Cut People Slack

Friend doesn’t return your text in a timely manner?  Employee showing up late because they are having a tough time at home?  Guest misread the coupon and didn’t meet the purchase requirement?

Cut them some slack.  But we weary of those trying to take advantage of you.

Get Life Insurance

Kind of a big nagging task.  I signed my first personal life insurance policy that goes along with the policy that my work provides.   I sleep better knowing my family would be taking care of if anything happened.

Say Hello,  Use Good Manners

For someone who has to be reminded of proper social behavior constantly from his wife, this one took alit of practice.  But after alot of mental rehearsal I can be seen saying “good morning,” to runners and walkers in the morning and when I pull up to the coffee drive through and the girl says “hi, how are you” I don’t respond “fine…”.


Ask for help / Use Resources

Used my corporate contacts to purchase some new equipment for the restaurant as well as place some help wanted ads to grab some new employees. 
Find an area of refuge

I set up my office to where I can escape for a few minutes while the kids terrorize each other.

Nice warm nights I sit out on the deck.

And in the mornings I take long jogs.

Take time for mini-adventures / Day Trips

Looking through my blog the last couple months, there hasn’t been many days that I haven’t gone somewhere to explore.   But I tried to take the extra time to do a little mini-adventuring such as my trip to Otisco Lake and Buttermilk Falls in Ithaca.

 Wear the “dream” mask

I have been wearing the Lucid Dream Mask for most of the month and while I have not yet acheived Lucid dreaming, my dream recall as well as the details of those dreams have increases significantly.  Gonna keep trying.