Pumpkin Hallow : Onondaga Hill

Fall adventures continue as we head into the valley on this windy Sunday.  The whether feels amazing.

Pumpkin Hallow is a quant little pumpkin patch with all the usual family activities.

  • Pumpkin Patch
  • “Corn box” like sand box
  • Face painting
  • Haunted House
  • Corn maze
  • Bake shop
  • Wagon rides
  • And more.

Lots of fun for the whole family



Alone Time

Its important to take time for yourself, so that you can better appreciate what you have.  

A common misconception about me is that I like to be alone, a lone wolf.  This is actually false.  

I enjoy being around people a can connect with…for short periods of time…then I like to be alone to recharge those batteries.  

Business, once again sends me to Albany, NY.  I have a meeting in the early morning so my boss offering us the option to drive out the night before.  

Pulled in around 630 PM after a full day of work.  It’s Labor day and I’m staying on the outskirts of the city.  Activity is at a minimum.   

But I can still make a relaxing night out of it.  

Right near the hotel was this beautiful park called The Crossings.  Complete with orchards, ponds, playground, and trails. 

The breeze was amazing.  You can feel  the fall season in the air even though it was a 80 degree day.    Walking through the wooded area feels like I’m living a scene from Legend of Sleepy Hallow.  Kind of Eerie.  

Dinner time.  Because it’s labor day , most of the local flavor is closed.   So the only option is chain Restaurants.  I don’t mind chain Restaurants, I work for on after all.  

I’m more than content chilling at the bar with a tall beer and a thick steak. 

Staycation : Turning Stone Casino And Resort

I had hoped that when I grew up,  I would be well off enough to just say, “Screw it, let’s just relax and stay at a hotel tonight.”

Well, I’m grown up now and I still not quite there.  But thanks to a gift from my mom and her partner, Elle, we were granted that privilege for a night.  

Just East of Syracuse, you can find the Turning Stone Casino and Resort in the small town of Vernon.    You can see the 22 floor Tower from Rt.90.

I spent a lot of time here as a young adult.  Casinos are a popular place for newly 18 year olds to go.  Just old enough to gamble, not old enough to drink ( legally).  I saw a handful of shows here and it was even the sight of my first half marathon back in 2012.  

I used to bring my Grandma up here for the afternoon.  We would hang out at the buffet and then she would play Keno, while the Black Jack dealers happily took my “donations”.  

Play poker people.  You are playing against other humans…not  in a system where the odds are never in your favor.  

This was our first time staying as guests.  We did have Liam, but that didn’t damper the mood.  We enjoy taking our kids places and giving them memories.  

We spent the evening eating, playing (in the arcade), and exploring the grounds.  Then I think we all had the best nights sleep we have had in months.  

The resort is beautiful.  In a place that is visiting by thousands a day, there are some isolated sections that make you feel like you are in the movie, The Shining.  

I took lots of pictures.  Check them out. 

“Hi Lloyd …a little slow tonight”.

Stairway to The Lodge

See…the Shining

Walking Tour : Wescott, Syracuse

Wescott is an awesome neighborhood located not too far from the Syracuse University Campus.  

Home too many students, professors, alumni, and all ranges of income levels : it is quite the melting pot of culture. 

Home of the best Mexican Restaurant. 

Alto Cinco.  Stop in an have a real margarita.  

Fillmore Glen: South Rim Trail

Liam is becoming quite the little hiker.  Traveling almost three miles  yesterday by himself.  

Some highlights included him dragging a 6 foot stick for over a mile  ( no exaggeration).  Then stopping to examine every accorn.  “Scrat corns” he would say.  In reference to the Ice Age movies where the saber toothed squirrel is always on the hunt for acorns.   And his excitement over the newts or salamanders ( I couldn’t tell) near the end of the trail. 

“More wizards, daddy?”

Walking Tour of Downtown Albany, NY

I know that I’m supposed to be balancing out my travel but it was actually business that brought me to the state capital on Tuesday morning.  

This was actually a first for me.  I have been to the suburbs or Albany many times but never the downtown area.  With 90 minutes to kill before my meeting, I was like a kid in a candy store.  Total stimulation.  

I know there is much more to see but here are a few pics.  

After my stroll it was back to the Albany Pump Station for my meeting.  The pump station is a forth generation brewery and Restaurant built inside an abandoned water pumping station by the Hudson River. 

Tipperary Hill – 6 AM

The roads are never more peaceful than on a Sunday morning

On the west side of Syracuse you will find the  Irish Community of Tipp Hill.  

Home of one of the most unique  Syracuse landmarks : The upside down traffic light.  

The story goes that the local Irish residents were upset that their Irish green was depicted below British Red.  So they would throw stones at the traffic light until local officials flipped it upside down. 

The area is also known for its popular pub scene and religios architecture.  

Coleman’s Irish Pub is pictured below with it’s double phone booths in front.  One for us. One for leprechauns.  

All in all.  It was a relaxing stroll on a beautiful morning.