Walking Tour : Wescott, Syracuse

Wescott is an awesome neighborhood located not too far from the Syracuse University Campus.  

Home too many students, professors, alumni, and all ranges of income levels : it is quite the melting pot of culture. 

Home of the best Mexican Restaurant. 

Alto Cinco.  Stop in an have a real margarita.  

Fillmore Glen: South Rim Trail

Liam is becoming quite the little hiker.  Traveling almost three miles  yesterday by himself.  

Some highlights included him dragging a 6 foot stick for over a mile  ( no exaggeration).  Then stopping to examine every accorn.  “Scrat corns” he would say.  In reference to the Ice Age movies where the saber toothed squirrel is always on the hunt for acorns.   And his excitement over the newts or salamanders ( I couldn’t tell) near the end of the trail. 

“More wizards, daddy?”

Walking Tour of Downtown Albany, NY

I know that I’m supposed to be balancing out my travel but it was actually business that brought me to the state capital on Tuesday morning.  

This was actually a first for me.  I have been to the suburbs or Albany many times but never the downtown area.  With 90 minutes to kill before my meeting, I was like a kid in a candy store.  Total stimulation.  

I know there is much more to see but here are a few pics.  

After my stroll it was back to the Albany Pump Station for my meeting.  The pump station is a forth generation brewery and Restaurant built inside an abandoned water pumping station by the Hudson River. 

Tipperary Hill – 6 AM

The roads are never more peaceful than on a Sunday morning

On the west side of Syracuse you will find the  Irish Community of Tipp Hill.  

Home of one of the most unique  Syracuse landmarks : The upside down traffic light.  

The story goes that the local Irish residents were upset that their Irish green was depicted below British Red.  So they would throw stones at the traffic light until local officials flipped it upside down. 

The area is also known for its popular pub scene and religios architecture.  

Coleman’s Irish Pub is pictured below with it’s double phone booths in front.  One for us. One for leprechauns.  

All in all.  It was a relaxing stroll on a beautiful morning.  

Put them to Work

Kids can be very enthusiastic about helping their parents at a young age.  

I think it’s important to encourage this as it will slowly grow out of them if you don’t reinforce their behavior.  

Always give them praise and an occasional reward.  

Another “Inexpensive Silencer”…ice cream

Finger Lakes Circuit : Skaneatles Lake and Carpenter Falls

Skaneatles Lake is definitely my most visited Finger Lake.  I usually stick to the village of the same name but today we ventured to the far side of the lake to Carpenter Falls.  

 Such a beautiful sight but also a very steep and dangerous one.  Experienced Hikers only on this one.  

After, we headed back to the village to let Liam check out the lake.  

Relaxing night after a mentally draining day at the office

You can check you my visit to Skaneatles earlier this year by clicking here. 

Taste of East Syracuse

Hot day here in Syracuse.  I took a short break from painting to head into the village of East Syracuse for their 12th Annual “Taste”.  

Now, I really haven’t spent much time in the village.  It’s the location of one of the best firework shows I have seen but other than that, East Syracuse isn’t kinda of a “transitional” town.  Not much going on here except for a couple bowling alleys and a few thrift shops.  Just a place you pass through to grab some ice cream or hit the diner.  

The Taste was a motley assortment of about half a dozen local family restaurants.  

I sampled the meatball sub from Tony’s Family Restaurant and the Chicken Riggies from Twin Trees while Marcy Playground played on the stereo.  “Who’s that casting devious stares in my direction?”

Both were amazing.  Worth another try next time I’m passing through.