Jamesville Balloon Fest

Every year we come here and every year the weather doesn’t cooperate to where the hot air balloons can’t take off.  

Tonight it was beautiful.  Just a tad bit too windy.  Any wind above 10 mph is deemed unsafe.  

But at least they blew up the balloons for everyone patiently waiting.  

Balloon Fest has all the usually workings of a carnival as well.  

Rides, games, food and bands. 

I did run into my dad and stepmom there.   So it wasn’t a total loss. 

Kind of a short one. Maybe next year they will fly 😂.  

Finger Lake Circuit : Otisco Lake

Time to take a mini-adventure south of the city to the first of the Finger Lakes that I am going to visit this summer; Otisco Lake

If you aren’t from the New York, the Finger Lakes are a series of long, thin lakes ,that on a map, look like the fingers of a hand.    The area is known for its vineyards and scenic beauty.  

I have actually never been to this lake so it was exciting to head somewhere new.  

It’s a spectacularly calm and relaxing place.  The picture here is of the “causeway”. Where you can fish and swim, if you don’t get caught.  😂. 

Liam was pooped from the ride so I just let him sleep in my arms while I took it all in.  I had forgotten how wonderful and majestic these places can be.  

 He woke up eventually

Not much here in terms of hiking.  Baltimore Woods is nearby, hope to check that out another day. 

Such a isolated little lake.  And that’s a good thing.  I counted one pizza place, one gas station/ convenience store, one Restaurant.  Everything else was lake houses and farms.  Some old and abandoned.  Reminded me of Jeepers Creepers or Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  

Verona Beach State Park

Within walking distance of Slyvan Beach is the scenic Verona Beach Satete Park overlooking Onieda Lake.

The park has gotten quite the face lift in the last few years since I last visited.  

It has something  for everyone.  Complete with playground, baseball field, basketball court, ice cream shop, and food stand.  

A very quiet beach with shallow water.  Safe for the kiddies.  

Just down the road is the historic Verona Lighthouse

Make time for mini adventures

Talk the hand dad…no pictures please

Productive Hump Day

“You don’t stop running because you get old.  You get old because you stop running”  Chris McDougall, Born to Run.

Back to the jogging training.  Boilermaker Sunday is less than 4 weeks away and I have a lot of work to do if I’m going to finish the entire 15 kilometers without stopping to walk.  That’s something I haven’t done since 2012.

What happened?  Why did I stop?  All I have is a bunch of excuses.   First I became a GM, then I got married, then we had Liam.  Then it’s 4 years later and I’m 30 pounds heavier and a miserable workaholic.

That’s the difference in this first half of 2017.

I recovered much faster from this years TM.  I usually limp around for at least 4 days.  But here I am running 4.5 miles on a calm Wednesday morning.  I surely broke a sweat 🙂 but it felt so good.   Now I’m ready to take on the day.


I took the day off so that I could take Patti to the hospital.   She’s been having tummy problems for a long time and she needs to get the o’le camera down the throat to take a peak.  Don’t worry.  Everything looked good.

She was pretty out of it after being knocked out so I  left her to relax a bit.

I hit the gym, which his all new equipment that I hate.  Ugh.  I need a new/old gym.

Then I got a much-needed hair cut.  If you follow my Introvert Problems,  you know how much that takes out of me.

Stopped at the restaurant for a short meeting.  Nothing earthshaking but its good to get your management team together as often as you can so that you can all stay on the same page.

I bent the blade on my lawn mower before I went on vacation by hitting a rock.  I replaced the blade but now the mower shakes violently.  I read that it means the balance is off .  If anyone has any advice on how to balance one, let me know.

I bought a cheap replacement.  one of those 1950 models…you know a reel mower.  No motor, no gas.  Just blades.  So Funny.

Maddex had a concert tonight so my wife and mother in law headed to that.   I wanted to go but my experience with Liam at last years concert was horrifying.    Liam…don’t do concerts.

So Liam and I grabbed some food and killed some time in the grocery store.

He was so cute and good for me.


Trying to explain to me why I should buy him M&Ms

Brrr…it’s cold

Today was a good day.





Virginia Beach

When my wife and I honeymooned in Virginia Beach we had such a good time that we made a deal that we would come back every 5 years.   Technically, it’s only been four years but since the Tough Mudder is in Virginia we decided to go back plus two or our three boys.  

We arrived Wednesday afternoon and the sun didn’t come out until Friday morning.   It was so windy and cold that Maddex needed two sweatshirts.   So much for lounging on the beach for 5 days.  Oh well.  Still plenty to see. 

Neptune’s Famous Statue

Two classics at  Flipper McCoys 

Huge frozen margaritas at Guads.  

Liam fueling up for the trip to the aquarium.

When Mom and Maddex leave me to play golf.

Fruitie People Donut with cake batter ice cream

Finally…the sun is out. 

Time to hit the beach.

Had a great time with the family.    Now we are off to Richmond.  

Traveling with Autism

Written by the author’s wife 

“In this family, we do autism….this is the aftermath of a meltdown. (Literally) forty minutes of uncontrollable screaming beginning when he got in his stroller stemming from a busy vacation day. We played, we went to the aquarium, we ate, we walked, we ran..we even slept a little. This may sound like an eventful day to you…it may sound like a perfect day even. But for Liam it was super overwhelming..terribly overstimulating. So after inconsolable screams and breaking free of the stroller on our way back to the hotel room and then tipping it over when we got there…..I will sit here in this bed and hold him, let him know that I understand that he has a hard time and just enjoy the moment. ❤💙💛💚”

Ocean City, Maryland

Another cloudy and windy day on the east coast.   Since we milked Reheboth Beach for all it was worth we decided to go off the path and take a detour to Ocean City Maryland before heading to Virginia Beach

We killed a few hours by walking the 2 1/4 mile boardwalk.    So many awesome shops and attractions to check out.

It was a pleasant surprise.   I would definitely go back for an extended vacation.   Much more to do than in Rehoboth.