Pumpkin Hallow : Onondaga Hill

Fall adventures continue as we head into the valley on this windy Sunday.  The whether feels amazing.

Pumpkin Hallow is a quant little pumpkin patch with all the usual family activities.

  • Pumpkin Patch
  • “Corn box” like sand box
  • Face painting
  • Haunted House
  • Corn maze
  • Bake shop
  • Wagon rides
  • And more.

Lots of fun for the whole family



Lioness  Club AppleFest 2017

I don’t travel up North as often as I should with the exception of the annual visit to the salmon fish hatchery and an occasional visit to 1000 Islands, so bummed I didn’t get there this summer.  

My point is that there is a lot to see and do just by heading up 81 and 481 North.  Venture more east and we are talking some serious adventure in the Adirondacks.  

Central Square has an annual event, AppleFest, that I’m surprised that I haven’t heard of until now.  This thing this huge for a fall festival.  It’s like a mini NYS Fair.  Complete with games, rides, food, entertainment, and shopping and it’s all for Charity.  

Can’t wait for a return visit next year.  

Modern Day DZ Discovery Zone : Billy Beez

If you are a 90s kid like me, you surely remember DZ Discovery Zone as the place that you pestered your parents to take you to run crazy. 

Don’t remember?  check out this short video

But those days are long gone.  

Until over the last few years when this new concept called Billy Beez hit the Northeast.  It’s basically the same thing minus the video games.  

Money? Check

Child caught in a 30 years old body circa Tom Hanks in Big? Check

Kids of my own? check

If you are a six foot adult trying to navigate these tunnels with your little ones then you know what your in for.  Busted knees and a sore back.  

Liam had a great time.  2 hours of endless running means a quiet night for me while applying the Neosporin to my knees and apply the icy hit patch.  

Time for a cold beer because I’m a grown up.  Take time to be silly.  Today was a good day

Syracuse Irish Fest

After picking Liam up from school we headed to Clinton Square to check out the Irish Fest.  

We ate and shopped before it got too crazy.   The food disappointing.  Couldn’t find any corned beef or much Irish cuisine.  I did find smashed mash and caramelized onions…but they weren’t ready to be served.  

If you have time you should stop by, grab a Guinness, and listen to some traditional Irish folk music.  

School Season Begins – Time To Reflect

Typically the day after Labor Day marks the beginning of the school year.   

Lucas started first grade today.  Maddex starts sixth grade tomorrow and Liam begins his three year old pre-school on Friday.  

It’s like a birthday or holiday.  It’s a milestone that marks the passage of time.   And how time is flying by.  Feels like only yesterday when I went to Maddex’s Kindergarten graduation.   .

The days are long…but the years are short. 

Great New York State Fair : The Midway


“We can’t drink…You have to work later”   I said

“But it’s ride day at the fair…”  Patti

“Good point”

Oh the joys and pains of putting Liam on rides.  He’s now 43 inches, meaning he can get on almost all the intermediate rides without an adult.  But those heights are for normal kids.  Not 3 years olds trapped in a 5-year-old buddy.  He doesn’t quite understand instructions of the operators and doesn’t quite know what each ride entails.

But he and Lucas had a blast.  Only big meltdown was the predictable one, time to get back in the stroller.

Kudos to the oldest, Maddex who is settling into his teenage role quite nicely.  Perfectly content hanging back and letting the little ones have all the fun.  He was rewarded in the end with a new jacket that he wanted.


omg he looks so little.






We were able to lure Liam away from the rides with promises of a pony ride.


The fair ditched their old petting zoo with much more open area.  Complete with giraffe feedings.  Taking notes from Chittenango’s The Wild


I wish I was invisible when I go to these Midways.  I’m suck a target for the carnies with my billboard life physique, bright hair, and entourage following behind me.

I can only resist for so long.  “Every kid is a winner.”…He didn’t even want the prize…he just wanted to pop the balloons.



Time to relax.  Kisses all around.