Fillmore Glen: South Rim Trail

Liam is becoming quite the little hiker.  Traveling almost three miles  yesterday by himself.  

Some highlights included him dragging a 6 foot stick for over a mile  ( no exaggeration).  Then stopping to examine every accorn.  “Scrat corns” he would say.  In reference to the Ice Age movies where the saber toothed squirrel is always on the hunt for acorns.   And his excitement over the newts or salamanders ( I couldn’t tell) near the end of the trail. 

“More wizards, daddy?”

Slyvan Beach Amusement Park

Slyvan Beach Amusement Park was always one of those happy childhood memories that never quite felt the same as an adult.  The park has relatively stayed the same over the last 25 years  with the same old ,ruin down buildings needing a much overdue coat a paint.  

So why did I take the boys there this past Sunday?  Because my mother was dying to see them and she too has fond memories of the summer tourist town.  

The kiddie rides are actually a steal at $14.95 for an unlimited bracelet.  Liam rotated between the same few rides for almost two hours.  

Lucas is now big enough to go on the bigger rides…but not alone. 

So there I am riding the haunted house ride, and then the tilt a whirl which made me want to vomit.   I’m never more aware of my age as when I go on  these rides.  I used to be able to go all day non stop.  But now,  Flip me around a few times and I’m ready to hurl.  

I did get Lucas to go on the first rollercoaster I was ever went on.  He might have been scared but by the end he was smiling as we shared a special bonding moment.  

In the end.  The place might not be exciting to adults but can still provide a great day to the kiddies.  

Put them to Work

Kids can be very enthusiastic about helping their parents at a young age.  

I think it’s important to encourage this as it will slowly grow out of them if you don’t reinforce their behavior.  

Always give them praise and an occasional reward.  

Another “Inexpensive Silencer”…ice cream

$.99 life boat : Surviving Autism Tantrums In Public

Sometimes parents who have children with behavioral disabilities shield them from the outside world as much as possible.  They don’t want to deal with the glaring eyes and judging looks when their child has a meltdown.  

Even worse, in some cases they even shut  in themselves from the outside world as well.  Ordering takeout and shopping with Amazon Pantry. 

I can’t say this wasn’t true about myself to some extent.  I wouldn’t go to a restaurant with Liam for almost a whole year after  my 30th birthday dinner,  where he caused such a scene that many tables left or asked to be moved.  

This year I refused to live that kind of life.  We expose Liam to everything.  Movie theaters, grocery stores, the Ocean, Restaurants, even Hiking.  

There are some times that meltdowns are eminent.  Usually when we have to leave somewhere fun.  He hates hates hates any store.  When it becomes too much to bare we turn to the “.99 cent life boat.” Every kid has them.   “Inexpensive silencers” I call them.  

For Liam they are M&Ms(“Yems”), lollipops “suckers”, and those little balloons on a stick conveniently placed at the check out.  

For those who roll your eyes and say “you just give him everything he wants” you are the same people rolling your eyes wishing my kid would just be quiet.  He doesn’t get them every time nor does he need them.  But when you are in that kind of situation they can be a life saver.  

Pallets, Charcoal, and Smores.

I mind is fried after a non-stop day.  So I don’t have much to say. 

Spent a relaxing evening as home. Playing with the kids outside and then grilling on my rescued, roadside charcoal grill.  

Showed Maddex how to use his archery set and made Smores over the dying flames.  

Goodbye July : Buffalo Zoo and Niagara Falls

Day started with the food delivery guy tripping the alarm and dispatching the police at 330 AM.  No matter.  

4 AM : Inventory

6AM : Write The Prep Lists/ Morning Paperwork

7Am : Put the truck away

8AM : Loose ends / and To – Do Lists

9 AM : Place beverage orders

930 : Half Day freedom

Had to take Lucas home today.  We usually meet his mom half way, just outside Rochester.  But since I have almost the entire day, I offered to drive him the whole way so we can hit some of my favorite Western NY spots.

Patti has never been to the Buffalo Zoo.  Always a popular choice for Liam, “more anmals”.  It was great.  Lots of rare animals that you don’t see in the average zoo.  It was a bit pricey.  $5 to park.  $12 per adult $7 for Liam. 

After, we headed to Niagara Falls, USA.  Liam is on a big waterfall kick right now.  Must get it from his daddy.  He was in awe.  We only checked out the falls because a storm was rolling in.  

I prefer the Canada side.  We will definitely have to take a vacation there once Patti gets a passport.  

Check out some pics.  

Be back tomorrow with the July Recap and August Resolutions.  

Just Another Day : Turning 31.

One of the downsides of working in the restaurant industry, as well as many professions, is that if your birthday falls on weekend, You’re working it.  

Same goes for my wife.  Who also works in the restaurant industry and who’s birthday is also today.   

Yes, we share a birthday.  Just separated by 6 years.  

So for us it’s just another day in the neighborhood.   Exchanging a few moments with each other before she heads into work just minutes after I arrive home from my shift.  

There’s perks to sharing a birthday though.   

  • I will never forget her’s.  Trust me.  I’m bad at remembering birthdays
  • I share the spot light.  Too much attention on me makes me uncomfortable.  

I do miss having that special day sometimes, as selfish as that sounds.  When someone else makes all the plans for you and you don’t have to worry about a thing.