Pumpkin Hallow : Onondaga Hill

Fall adventures continue as we head into the valley on this windy Sunday.  The whether feels amazing.

Pumpkin Hallow is a quant little pumpkin patch with all the usual family activities.

  • Pumpkin Patch
  • “Corn box” like sand box
  • Face painting
  • Haunted House
  • Corn maze
  • Bake shop
  • Wagon rides
  • And more.

Lots of fun for the whole family



Eastwood Gems : Taste Of Philadelphia and Books & Melodies

Eastwood got its name from it’s general location, just east of the city of Syracuse.  

Known for its tight community vibe, “a village Within a City”, Eastwood’s main strip of James Street has some awesome local spots. 

Today, I had time to check out a couple of them.  

First up, Taste of Philadelphia.  Very similar to Geno’s in Fayetteville and North Syracuse, just set back 15 years with it’s dilapidated booths and old style menu. They serve up authentic Philly Cheese Steaks on freshly delivered Hoagie rolls.

This place reeks of Philadelphia pop culture.  With it’s Rocky boxing  gloves, McNabb Jersey, and movie posters.  The food is really good but I do prefer the more modern Gino’s that I mentioned earlier.  

I love when businesses display their first $ earned

Next up, Books & Melodies.  I mean what can I say, who doesn’t love to see a local  used book and record shop survive and thrive in the day and age.  Full of all genres of books, records, movies, and cds definitely worth a glance. 

Syracuse Irish Fest

After picking Liam up from school we headed to Clinton Square to check out the Irish Fest.  

We ate and shopped before it got too crazy.   The food disappointing.  Couldn’t find any corned beef or much Irish cuisine.  I did find smashed mash and caramelized onions…but they weren’t ready to be served.  

If you have time you should stop by, grab a Guinness, and listen to some traditional Irish folk music.  

Alone Time

Its important to take time for yourself, so that you can better appreciate what you have.  

A common misconception about me is that I like to be alone, a lone wolf.  This is actually false.  

I enjoy being around people a can connect with…for short periods of time…then I like to be alone to recharge those batteries.  

Business, once again sends me to Albany, NY.  I have a meeting in the early morning so my boss offering us the option to drive out the night before.  

Pulled in around 630 PM after a full day of work.  It’s Labor day and I’m staying on the outskirts of the city.  Activity is at a minimum.   

But I can still make a relaxing night out of it.  

Right near the hotel was this beautiful park called The Crossings.  Complete with orchards, ponds, playground, and trails. 

The breeze was amazing.  You can feel  the fall season in the air even though it was a 80 degree day.    Walking through the wooded area feels like I’m living a scene from Legend of Sleepy Hallow.  Kind of Eerie.  

Dinner time.  Because it’s labor day , most of the local flavor is closed.   So the only option is chain Restaurants.  I don’t mind chain Restaurants, I work for on after all.  

I’m more than content chilling at the bar with a tall beer and a thick steak. 

The End Game

Why Retiring to an RV is perfect for you.


So where do I want to end up?  When my working life is over.  When my boys are all married and off starting families of their own.

When I retire, the first thing I want to do is take that long awaited trip.  Over  Seas.  To see all the places I have only read about.

As soon as I get back.  We’re selling our house and we intend to live the rest of our self sufficient years traveling around the country in an RV.

I’ve had this dream for years.  And it brought a smile to my face when my own father revealed that was his goal as well.

Waking up in the morning and the only decision we would need to make is what direction do to point the steering wheel .






Great New York State Fair : Preview Day


I can’t actually explain why I love the NYS Fair so much.  It’s probably related to the love I have a busy cities.  The crowds, the stimulation, always something to see and do appeals to me.  (I will always regret not living in a major city at some point in my life.)

This year the fair opened at day earlier than it’s usually twelve day run.  “Preview Day” is what they called it and with the $1 special admission price we were off to get our own preview of the end of summer event.


Preview Day was an accurate depiction  because there were a great deal of vendors and attractions not fully set up or operational.    Lots of vacant spaces to be found that I am sure will be filled by tomorrow.

This didn’t deter us at all as we were more than content taking the first day to walk around and get the “lay of the land” so to speak.

You see the sand sculpture taking shape.  This particular side will be highlighting Women’s right to Vote in 1920.



I have brought Lucas here every year since he was born.


All Liam wanted to do was check out the animals.  He learned that if he yells at the turkeys that they would gobble back at him  Literally the funniest thing ever.





Liam spots the train and it was on.


Not trip to the fair is complete without stopping by the Dairy Building and checking out the Butter Sculpture.  Don’t forget to grab a cup of fresh milk.  Still .25 cents.


Many more visits to follow.  If you have never been and are able you should totally check it out.   The food, the Midway, the exhibits all have coverage to follow


Syracuse Bacon Fest … Needed More Than One Day

When they announced the first Annual Bacon Fest in Downtown Syracuse’s, Clinton Square I was like “Yes!!!!”

When they announced it was only going to run for one day I was like “What????”

Clearly they underestimated CNY’s love for pork.

Hell, the Middle Eastern Fest is four days long.  

So I parked my car down at the Inner Harbor with Liam so I didn’t have to pay or fight for parking then strolled up the Creek Walk to the square and let’s say I wasn’t surprised.  

Each vendor line was easily 30 people deep.  Some we’re just lined up to get lemonade.  

So let’s just say they were a little overwhelmed.  

But I did get to sample a few delicious items in between Liam’s requests for M&Ms. 

Bacon Mac and cheese from MacaRollin

Chicken bacon ranch Gyro from Byblos Street Grill

And a ground beef and bacon Pazzerotti (FriedCalzone) from Pascarella’s

Nice idea for this event.  But it needs more time.