Walking Tour : Wescott, Syracuse

Wescott is an awesome neighborhood located not too far from the Syracuse University Campus.  

Home too many students, professors, alumni, and all ranges of income levels : it is quite the melting pot of culture. 

Home of the best Mexican Restaurant. 

Alto Cinco.  Stop in an have a real margarita.  

Americana Village : Hamilton, NY

I’m going to take you back to the late 1800s.  Where there was one blacksmith, one school, one general store, and one school house.  

Tucked down a side street in the little town of Hamilton is a restored 19th century village.  

The property is owned by a nearby conference center and is often the site of many wedding photos.  

You can read a recent syracuse.com article on this hidden gem right here

Sunday morning treasure hunting

Slept in today after a long night at the Kings Of Leon concert.  Not my scene but at least Patti had fun.

We weren’t in the mood to go hiking but we rediscovered one of my favorite past times.  Bargain hunting.  

I love going to flea markets and the Syracuse market by the train station is one of the better markets in the area 

A lot of it is junk that I wouldn’t spend money on but it’s really fun to see all antiques from before I was born.  I even found and old black and white telivison.  Pictured below. 

I find old toys that I owned myself.  Every Disney VHS known to mankind.  “Sharpees” the Chinese version of sharpies.  

What treasure did I find?  An excellent aerial poster of Downtown Syracuse, it was only $5 and had a backing.  Everyone kept asking me where I got it.  Maybe I will go back next week and get one for the restaurant.

Slow Down In August

Once the weather turned in early April, I was eager to come out of hibernation and spend the warm months out of my house and exploring as much as could. 

By Mid July it was too much of a good thing and I found myself burnt out by the constant rounding around and pressure to find a new place to go.  

So this month I’m focusing on balancing out my life even more.   I will focus on only traveling two or three days a week as opposed to  five to six days.  

Instead I’m focusing on working on the house, slowing it down, and relaxing.  

Tonight…I’m hanging out by the new Lakeview Amphitheatre with a cold 🍺.  

Finger Lakes Circuit : Skaneatles Lake and Carpenter Falls

Skaneatles Lake is definitely my most visited Finger Lake.  I usually stick to the village of the same name but today we ventured to the far side of the lake to Carpenter Falls.  

 Such a beautiful sight but also a very steep and dangerous one.  Experienced Hikers only on this one.  

After, we headed back to the village to let Liam check out the lake.  

Relaxing night after a mentally draining day at the office

You can check you my visit to Skaneatles earlier this year by clicking here. 

Goodbye July : Buffalo Zoo and Niagara Falls

Day started with the food delivery guy tripping the alarm and dispatching the police at 330 AM.  No matter.  

4 AM : Inventory

6AM : Write The Prep Lists/ Morning Paperwork

7Am : Put the truck away

8AM : Loose ends / and To – Do Lists

9 AM : Place beverage orders

930 : Half Day freedom

Had to take Lucas home today.  We usually meet his mom half way, just outside Rochester.  But since I have almost the entire day, I offered to drive him the whole way so we can hit some of my favorite Western NY spots.

Patti has never been to the Buffalo Zoo.  Always a popular choice for Liam, “more anmals”.  It was great.  Lots of rare animals that you don’t see in the average zoo.  It was a bit pricey.  $5 to park.  $12 per adult $7 for Liam. 

After, we headed to Niagara Falls, USA.  Liam is on a big waterfall kick right now.  Must get it from his daddy.  He was in awe.  We only checked out the falls because a storm was rolling in.  

I prefer the Canada side.  We will definitely have to take a vacation there once Patti gets a passport.  

Check out some pics.  

Be back tomorrow with the July Recap and August Resolutions.