Taming the Beast : The Power Of Routine

With Liam there is never a dull moment.  Just like all my boys, Liam has the power to bring me the most joy.  He also has the power to make my red hair fall out.

Like most high functioning autistic children, coping and managing their idiosyncrasies usually revolves around routine.

When you move out of routine things can go haywire real quick and results in tantrums, fear, withdrawal, or major misbehavior and  of course..major anxiety of the parents.

Within the first 5 seconds when I ge home in afternoon I am greeted with the same routine everyday.

First “fly”, where I hoist his near 50 lb body into the air and catch him.

Then ” roll it.”, which is more like ring around the rosy.

The “swing” , when I hold his arms and swing him between my  legs.

The more… ” leg” where he clings to my leg and sits on my foot while I walk around.

Then Finally “wrestle” where I give him a few body slams on the bed. Don’t worry…I have been trained :).

That is what we do.  And if I try to deviate then I am in for a long evening.

So it’s best to stick to a routine.  I learned he has his own routine at school that he follows everyday and if you watched him do it, you wouldn’t even know he was autistic.   Which is the main objective of these programs; to prepare them for standard education.

  1.  Hangs up Jacket.
  2.  Checks his mail
  3. Washes his hands
  4. Dries his hands
  5. Then finds his name and drags it to the “here” column.



Sometimes…All He Needs Is A Hug

Sometimes you are sad and can’t tell me why.

Sometimes you hurt and you can’t tell me where.

Sometimes you are hungry and you can’t tell me what you would like.

Sometimes you laugh and I don’t know what’s so funny.

Sometimes you have stories but  you can’t find the words

Sometimes you are scared but don’t know where to hide.

Sometimes all you need is a hug.

Sometimes all I need is a hug.



Sensory Friendly Time : Museum Of Science and Technology.

Once per month, the MOST turns down the noise, turns off flashing lights, & shuts off the air compressors so people with sensory processing challenges can enjoy the museum. The museum also offers quiet areas where participants can sit, relax and regroup. The MOST has hosted this award-winning program for five years!

Admission is free for members and $5 for nonmembers.

Liam and I had so much fun.  It was so calm and relaxing while all I could hear was the sound of children placing in the distance.

It was also a pleasure to be around high functioning,  autistic adults.  They don’t judge you or your child and when it comes time to play that behave like big kids.  Reminds me of someone I know.

Liam was able to enjoy the entire museum as opposed to earlier in the year where all the loud noises and flashing lights made him very uncomfortable.

Check out the MOST’s Facebook page to find hold this monthly event.   All are welcome.


Liam’s Heaven : Model Train Show

We live about 100 yards from a very busy train junction that runs behind our house.  It can be very loud and can rattle the house.  It also provides much amusement and excitement for our third year old.


We can’t go by a train or track without him yelling, “Look!!! Train track.  I see it”

So I decided it was a good time to attend the annual model train show that was being held at the NYS Fairgrounds.   I have never been to one so I didn’t know what to expect.

It started out a little shaky with Liam remembering the Fair this year and wanting to direct us to the “rides and animals.”  His memory amazes me.

But as soon as we got him in the dairy cattle building where the show was being held,  he was sucked in.

He bounced excitedly from display to display.  I was fascinated by the amount of detail that goes into these displays.


That’s an tornado in there.

We kept him on the leash so he could wander a will.  After about an hour he signaled that he was ready to go.

Really good time for the family.

Pennywise and Georgie : Halloween 2017

Liam never ceases to amaze me.  When I think he will have a total meltdown he surprises me.  Such as today where he let us dress him up as Pennywise from the movie “IT” and even paint his face.

We had a great afternoon both amusing and terrorizing the mall crowd.  Handing out red balloons to other kids.

Then we trick or treated in the neighborhood.

Liam did a great job saying “trick or treat” and using his manners.  We did have to keep him from bolting into peoples houses and to keep his hands out of their candy jars.

Fun times.


Liam’s First Football Game

I still have hope that one of my boys will be into football.  My brother had a high school football game this evening and I decided to take Liam.

He behaved the way I expected.  The excitement and noise from the crowd was too much for him at first at first.  It took me a good thirty minutes to get him into the stands.

He would just scream a cry and make me hold him as I walked around.

I finally coaxed him into the stands where my dad, step mom, and sister were seated.

The next 10 minutes was perfect.  He sat right in front of me and took in all in.


Of course he was just like me.  Paying attention to everything but the game.  The  bright lights, the cheerleaders, the parents shouting.   All supplied him with temporary stimulation.


I knew it  would inevitably end as he sought more amusement by climbing on me and trying to sneak away.

At that point it was time to go.  But he did good.  Made it about an hour.  There is still hope.




An Evening With Spiderman

So many hand-me-down costumes.  Hate to see them go to waste.

Tonight’s choice, Spiderman.

We heading into the Town of Manlius for the police departments “Halloween Safety Night”


Simple little event with Child I.D. Cards, Halloween bags, department tour, face painting, and treats.


Then we played on the playground.


Rolled down the hills.



Chased the geese.


Took at drive to Chittenango and back.  Got donuts and gummy beers then went home and watched Angry Birds.


Such a productive evening.  🙂