Tough Mudder Virginia 2017 Part 2

And we are back.

Just after the Berlin Walls is the Hold Your Wood Obstacle…No pun at all here.

You are literally carrying a log for about a quarter-mile.  Sometimes they require a team lift and sometimes they are small enough for one person.

It might not look difficult but you have already been going for 5 miles and they get heavy real quick. hold.your-wood-london

Next come the Birth Canal.

I will let the picture describe it but that liquid can be super heavy.


Soon later we come across Everest where I narrowly avoided a shoulder/bicep injury.

Everest is a slicked down half-pipe that you need to run up and grab your teammates hands so they can help you up.

I was running up the pipe and grabbed hold of Chris’ hand.  I could not get myself up there and just as Matt came over to help I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder and bicep.  I asked them to release and I slid down.  I normally would give it another shot but the pain was so bad that I did not want to risk a possible dislocation or tear.

I have completed this obstacle before and I will complete it again next time.


Now came for the obstacle that I though for sure would send me to the hospital again.

The Stage 5 Clinger.

You first climb up a ladder, then pull yourself across monkey bars, then you need to reach around and up to grab another bar.  Your back is parallel with the ground.  One slip and you fall on your back or worse, your head.  All you have is a wooden joint for your foot and a teammate at the top.

I seriously thought about skipping this one with my wife looking on.  But I found the nerve and as you can see.  I survived.


Next comes that only obstacle that is all mental.  The Arctic Enema.  A slide down into an ice bath.  It might sound great on a hot day but this will take your breath away.  Feels like you are being stabbed.  Once you are in you immediately lose your ability to think straight then you need to submerge your entire body and pull yourself under a barrier.   This obstacle scares the shit out of people.

artic enma

Mile 8 and here comes the Bale Bonds.  Just climbing over bales of hay.  Super easy after you recover from the ice bath you are feeling rejuvenated.

Funky Monkey the Revolution.

Ever climbed monkey bars as an adult?   How about ones that ascend upwards as you climb.  Then you have to grab a wheel and hold on while it rotates to another wheel and then another.

I tackled the monkey bars not problem but was impatient on the wheels.  I grabbed one of thewheels and tried to grab the next one while I was rotating too quickly.  Not to graceful.


Mile 9

Kong.  Remember what I said about me not being too graceful?

Imagine a video game character that has fallen off a platform but is still continuing to run in place in the air.  That was me attempting to complete the swinging ring challenge.  Got about half way across and lost all swinginf momentum.  Instead of doing a swinging motion, I felt like running would get me to the next ring.  Nope  I’m dying just thinking about it.

Up next was the best obstacle ever.  Pitfall.

Just a mud lake where a guy was spraying a high-powered hose on you.  Felt more like a reward than a challenge.

Mile 10.

The Block Ness Monster.

Requiring a bit of strength to rotate the blocks to get your neighbor on the other side.



Next was the Pyramid Scheme.





Like Everest, it’s a half-pipe for this time you need to climb up your fellow mudders like a human pyramid.  I believe in Omens.  I skip this obstacle every time.  This was the obstacle that I fell 15 feet off the back-end and smashed my head 3 years ago.

Mile 11 – Victory Mile

Snot Rocket

Climb up the tube while the water rains down on you.  If you climb it like a ladder its pretty easy.  Climb is like Spiderman…its takes a little longer.

Electroshock Therapy.

Doesn’t look like it hurts but when you get zapped you can hear it and instantly feel it through you whole body.



It was a fun time.


I can tell that the training has definitely paid off even though I still have a lot of improvements to make.    The worst injury sustained was a bad sun burn along with the normal cuts and bruises

Boilermaker is just around the corner in July.  But now its time to celebrate with a cold beer.



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