April Recap Part 2

Show up

As I said yesterday,  I’ve spent the last few years in my own little world.   So obsessed to succeed that unless you had to do with my career or part of my immediate family, you were usually left in the dust.  Now,  I’m not saying there is anything wrong we being driven to succeed which I surely am,  but there comes a time where you might be sacrificing too much.

So I tried this month to “Show up” and help those around me that could use a hand.  I took a very difficult to take Saturday off from work to help my Grandmother move closer to my mom. (From now on… Hiring movers” I watched my nephew on another Saturday night for my brother and sister in-law.  While this might not sound like much I admit that it might not have happened in the past.

This resolution has a double meaning.  I wanted to “show up” at work.  Showing up everyday and giving 120% of my effort.   No “Off” days.   This saves me from having to plow through extended amounts of work at home.  In recent weeks,   I have been able to have my time off to myself and family, other than giving some occasional direction to my team.  .  I’ve said it before.  I’m very proud of my team.


Take Time to Be Silly

I certainly am guilty of taking myself too seriously at times.  While I have my game face on most of the time.  I have been making an effort to lighten up a bit a work.  With help, I make sure the employees have their birthdays celebrated.  I even purchase a cup cake “cake” for a favored server who has a history of acting like a “princess”

I might even make an “appropriate” joke now and then.

Since I’m unplugged in my off hours, I have a lot more time to play with my boys, take them to the park, and get ice cream.



Give your home personality…Take 1

In this article, I stated that after almost a year in my home it looked like the moving truck have just pulled away 5 minutes ago.  Walls were bare,  bland, and boring.

For monetary reasons, I know its going to take a while until I am happy with it but we made some nice improvements.

Now that its warmed up we are working on the flower beds and side gardens



Author: billshappinessproject

I was near the end of 2016 when I realized that my life was totally out of balance. I was 30 and I was working my life away. I did not have strong relationships with my wife, family, or friends. It was around this time that I came across THE HAPPINESS PROJECT by Gretchen Rubin. It was then that I decided to launch my own year long project towards personal happiness for the entire year of 2017.

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