From now on… Hiring movers

It’s very difficult for me to take a Saturday off from work unless it’s for something I really enjoy doing.   But this month’s resolution was show up and be there for those that depend on me.   Today we were tasked with my least favorite activity…Moving.  Moving my 90 year old grandma from her apartment to be closer my mom.   I wasn’t alone in volunteering my time.  Big thanks to Elle, George, Dave, Aunt Mary, and my brother Cameron.  It’s just what they do. 

It was a lot of fun though.   Never realized how heavy commerical  fire /emergency doors where until we got to the last piece of  furniture when it failed to fit in the elevator.  Up the stairs well we go

I spent the rest of the evening hanging with all my boys.  

“90% of life is showing up”


Author: billshappinessproject

I was near the end of 2016 when I realized that my life was totally out of balance. I was 30 and I was working my life away. I did not have strong relationships with my wife, family, or friends. It was around this time that I came across THE HAPPINESS PROJECT by Gretchen Rubin. It was then that I decided to launch my own year long project towards personal happiness for the entire year of 2017.

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