Manage Your Mid Day

Once the lunch rush winds down around 1:30 , I am ready to nose dive into the nearest bed.   After a 4 or 5 am wake up I am usually running on empty.   

I usually enter this fugue state between 2 and 4 where I just wander around looking as unproductive as many terminated employees from the past.   

This state remains until after and drive and a shower.  Then I am ready to take on the world again.   

My resolution this month was to manage my midday.   I have already filled my physical and mental primetimes with a plethora of productivity.   But it always bothered me that I can’t find a way to get more done during this time.  

It’s a real “tragedy” because at this time…. Everyone wants a piece of the GM.      My managers want some guidance, my employees want to vent, guests want to speak to me about a fundraiser or event.   And my mind is shiviled by the information as my eyes dart towards the nearest exit.

So what can I do to fix this?

I looked to my other resolutions for guidance.  

  • Set up the next day in advance.   Usually a nightly chore.  But it didn’t hurt to get a head start
  • Push yourself.  The last thing I want to do is talk to people.  But I keep telling myself “one more call, one more email”. 
  • One Minute Rule.   Don’t feel like doing anything requiring doing any thought?  No problem.  Just do a bunch of mineless tasks that only take a few moments.  
  • And when all else failed and the restaurant was squares away.  I would Reward myself.and leave early.  Like I said, a short reprieve usually rejuvenates me.  

I’m sore tonight.  To much shoveling the last few days.  

Looking forward to having all my boys together tomorrow.  

Here are some other ideas on how to be productive during the middle of the work day


Author: billshappinessproject

I was near the end of 2016 when I realized that my life was totally out of balance. I was 30 and I was working my life away. I did not have strong relationships with my wife, family, or friends. It was around this time that I came across THE HAPPINESS PROJECT by Gretchen Rubin. It was then that I decided to launch my own year long project towards personal happiness for the entire year of 2017.

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