Feb 9th – “What do you mean the stove doesn’t come with a cord”

So you know how I just bought a stove from Lowe’s?  Well it got delivered today.  Wouldn’t you think that an electric stove should come with a cord?  Nope..I gotta go buy one lol.

So glad to be back to work today.  My assistant managers are doing a great job minding the fort for me while I’m gone.  Usually I would come back from more than a day off and get instantly stressed out..but a laundry list of things not done.  Not today.

Still thinking about Ron Clark’s book from yesterday…about   creating small moments to make someones day.  I find myself thinking about those moments throughout the day.   I have a lot of elderly guests in my restaurant everyday.  I think about how coming to my restaurant is the highlight of their day.  They know us…we know them and we (for the most part) try our best to make them feel like VIP.  How we take it for granted…the way we make them feel.  I find myself thinking of ways I can do more for them.



Author: billshappinessproject

I was near the end of 2016 when I realized that my life was totally out of balance. I was 30 and I was working my life away. I did not have strong relationships with my wife, family, or friends. It was around this time that I came across THE HAPPINESS PROJECT by Gretchen Rubin. It was then that I decided to launch my own year long project towards personal happiness for the entire year of 2017.

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