Feb. 2nd – Instant Happiness

Happy Groundhogs Day.

I saw a gift card display at target today and one of the cards read “Instant Happiness” and I thought to myself…”If only it was that easy”.  But then I look back on the month prior at all the progress I made.  Happiness isn’t instant.  I know now that True happiness will come from effort after effort, day after day, a little at a time.

I woke up a little bit on the late side…5 Am so I didn’t get to go to the gym like I planned.  But I still got to work early and set out on a productive day.

I learned from “Born to Run” by Chris MacDougall , that it’s a good idea to eat salad for breakfast.  So I figured that would be a nice way to get my least exciting meal out-of-the-way first thing in the morning.  The dressings at my work suck.  I personally love Olive Gardens Italian Dressing but that gets kind of expensive so I have to improvise.  I certainly don’t mind.  One thing my grandma taught me was the recipe  to her amazing salad dressing.  Luckily I have all the ingredients right in-house, after subbing the tarragon vinegar that she used for red wine vinegar.  Toss in a little EVOO, basil, oregano, salt and pepper and you have a delicious salad dressing.  Chop a little romaine, mesculun mix, spinach, and grilled chicken and you have the breakfast of champions.  Only problem is that I get hungry a couple of hours later.  No problem.  That’s the perfect time for the chia drink.. it’s easier in theory than in practice.

I was able to help my Kitchen manager get a lot of cleaning done in the kitchen for the upcoming visit from a corporate executive.  Cleaning projects are mostly left to the night crew while prepping and stocking for the day is left to the day crew.  But as part of my resolution Help someone I figured it would be best if everyone pitched in (Delegate).  Including myself, getting out the steel wool and elbow grease.  When I got home, Patti told me to relax, mainly because she didn’t have the energy to get much done since she has been fighting flu symptoms alone with our boys.  But this is no time to keep score.  I rushed to pick up the kids room, scattered with 100 colored balls ( thanks mom…what does this look like? McDonald’s PlayPlace?) and do some laundry.

I started to read Ron Clark’s Move Your Bus, a book about what it takes you get the passengers (your employees) to move the bus (your organization) forward.  I’m only a couple of chapters in but it sounds interesting as he categorizes each kind of passenger (employee).  Runners, joggers, walkers, riders, and me , the driver.

No birthdays to forget today but I took a glance ahead at my FB and my employee ledger to get a head start.


Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present. Jim Rohn


Author: billshappinessproject

I was near the end of 2016 when I realized that my life was totally out of balance. I was 30 and I was working my life away. I did not have strong relationships with my wife, family, or friends. It was around this time that I came across THE HAPPINESS PROJECT by Gretchen Rubin. It was then that I decided to launch my own year long project towards personal happiness for the entire year of 2017.

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